Tropicals N More is a family owned and operated wholesale supplier located in NE Pennsylvania. Founded in Aprill 2011, we are committed to having the highest quality and best value in the Tri-State area.

Our fresh water and pond holding systems are comprised of over 175 tanks and 12 150-200 gallon pond tubs. Our saltwater system has close to 150 gallons capacity. New tanks are constantly being added and we are always trying to improve our facility.

At the present time, we offer freshwater, saltwater, gold and pond fish. We also supply our customers with mealworms, superworms, and crickets. You can usually find turtles, hermit crabs and a few other creatures on our supply lists as well.

Our minimum order is $75 which allows even a smaller retailer to bring in fresh stock more often. Full tanks of fish are the best way to sell fish and helping our customers to provide new and interesting stock is important to us.


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